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Small Business Cyber Myths

Myth: I don’t need to worry about cybercrime because cybercriminals don’t even know I exist and have no reason to come after me.


Truth: Most cyber attacks are conducted by automated systems called bots. They indiscriminately scan the internet for vulnerabilities. Small businesses have the most vulnerabilities and are in fact more likely to be attacked.


Myth: Small businesses can’t afford to put proper cybersecurity controls in place.


Truth: A majority of cyber attacks can be avoided by implementing no-cost or low-cost controls. Book us for a cybersecurity assessment now and we will work with you to develop a cybersecurity program that is within your budget and meets the needs of your business.


How much do you spend per year on computers, the Internet, software and cloud hosted services, mobile devices, and data plans? That is your de facto IT budget.


To adequately protect and secure those assets, you should be investing10 – 15 percent of that budget in your cybersecurity program.

Fivestar Cybersecurity Services, your neighbourhood cybersecurity partner. We are safer together.

At Fivestar Cybersecurity our mandate is to provide cybersecurity services tailored specifically to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Atlantic Canada.

Our mission is to ensure SMBs have access to the cybersecurity knowledge and services that will enable them to protect themselves from cyber threats and thereby earn customer trust in both the local and global marketplace.

We aim to provide right-sized cybersecurity solutions to SMBs, ensuring they have the information and tools that meet their unique cybersecurity needs at a price point that does not break the bank.

We work with you to:

  • Identify risks to your business

  • Protect you from cyber threats

  • Detect if and when you are targeted by cybercriminals

  • Respond when you are attacked

  • Help you recover from the financial and reputational damage that comes with being the victim of a cyber attack

Some interesting statistics to consider:

43% of SMBs Lack Any Type of Cybersecurity Defense Plans


63% of SMBs Report Experiencing a Data Breach in the Previous 12 Months


60% of SMBs will go out of business within six months of a serious cyber attack

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