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We work with small to medium-sized businesses to:

  •   Assess their cybersecurity controls

  •   Recommend improvements to protect them from cybercrime

  •   Implement cybersecurity solutions that vastly reduce their vulnerabilities

  •   Support them in response to and recovery from a cyber attack

What is important to us?

At Fivestar Cybersecurity our primary focus is split evenly between caring for our clients and caring for our team members. We firmly believe that taking care of the latter will inevitably take care of the former. By training, supporting, and empowering our employees, we put them in the best position to ensure a positive customer experience for our clients. 

Who is Fivestar Cybersecurity?

There is a huge shortage of skilled and knowledgeable cybersecurity experts globally. As a startup, we are not currently in a position to recruit experienced resources. That's just a fact. So we have taken a creative approach to address the cybersecurity skills gap. We have assembled a leadership team and board of directors/advisors that would be the envy of any major IT company in the region. With a combined 140 plus years in enterprise IT, our board members each have decades of experience in device management, enterprise networking, Windows Server administration, digital forensics, and cybersecurity. This Rockstar board of advisors and mentors supports our more junior staff who are entering the industry with boundless energy and the absolute latest in technology and cybersecurity training from many of Atlantic Canada's universities and post-secondary institutions. 

We will be expanding over the coming months. Follow us on LinkedIn and be on the lookout for job postings. Or, email us at to share your resume and tell us why you would make a valuable addition to our cybersecurity team.

What do we do?

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