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Security Assessments

We conduct network and device scans, as well as interviews and site visits to identify threats that could affect the availability and reliability of your IT systems. Upon completion of the assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report which illustrates your current cyber posture, identifies areas of vulnerability, and make recommendations for corrective action to be taken in both the short and long term.

Network / Device Security Hardening

Based on the results of our detailed cyber assessments we will work with you to take corrective actions to harden your cybersecurity controls and better protect your IT systems. Through the use of best-in-class antivirus, malware, firewall and network monitoring solutions will work with you to configure your network and devices for maximum resilience to cyber-attack.

Policy Development

Cybersecurity policies are important because cyberattacks and data breaches are potentially costly. At the same time, employees are often the weak links in an organization's security. People inside organizations caused 43% of data loss, one-half of which was accidental. Improved cybersecurity policies can help employees and consultants better understand their role in keeping your company cyber-safe.

Incident Response and Recovery Planning

Even a minor cyber event may temporarily disrupt your daily operations. A more serious attack could render your company inoperable for months or worse. Whatever happens, your ability to quickly handle an emergency can help you reduce downtime and thus minimize damage, both financial and reputational. Taking lessons learned from both the healthcare and financial industries, we have developed response and recovery plans that we will tailor to the specific needs of your business.

Incident Response

Nobody wants to find themselves the victim of a cyber attack. But even with the most effective cybersecurity controls in place, bad actors can still compromise your systems. An incident response aims to reduce damage and recover as quickly as possible. An investigation is also a key component to learn from the attack and better prepare for the future. We provide our clients with reporting and communications consulting, evasive maneuvers and corrective actions to mitigate loss and begin rapid recovery from a cyber-attack or data breach.

Digital Forensics

Forensic Investigators identify and record details of a criminal incident as evidence to be used for law enforcement. Rules and regulations surrounding this process are often instrumental in proving innocence or guilt in a court of law. We work with our device and digital forensics partners to capture your devices and data with an established chain of custody, thereby enabling you to use your data as evidence if faced with legal action related to a data breach. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Almost all data breaches are caused by a mistake somewhere in the organization. So if you want to keep your organization secure, your employees need to know what they’re doing. We will provide your staff with access to industry-standard materials to educate them on the threats of cybercrime, as well as the actions they can take to keep themselves and your company safe. Additionally, upon request, we can provide in-person or virtual education sessions for your staff.      

A key component of effective cybersecurity training is regular phishing and spear-phishing campaigns run against your staff. We can work with you to target your staff with mock phishing attacks to determine if your staff have understood the training materials and implemented the good practices to keep your company safe.

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